About Metropol-Tech Consulting INC (MTCI)

Why Choose Metropol-Tech for your IT Training needs?

The Metropol-Tech approach to IT training is unique and differs from traditional universities or other STEM training centers. Our goal is to ensure that students leave our program with practical experiences like what they will encounter in the future. This unique approach is responsible for the success we have witnessed over the last 6 years. We have trained upwards of 600 students, 60% of whom are currently gainfully employed. 90% of our students successfully completed their courses and of those who completed, 95% passed their certification exams.

  • Our classes are taught by subject matter experts (SME’s) who are seasoned practitioners in expertise. This ensures that contemporary issues in the field are discussed in class and tested in the classroom. WE DO NOT HIRE CAREER INSTRUCTORS.
  • We place a big emphasis on Certifications because we believe industry recognized credentials boost opportunities for employment and recognition by peers
  • Through our partnership with Skillsoft, we ensure that all our students have access to our state-of-the-art self-paced training platform where they can take practice labs, practice exams, watch pre-recorded classes and research materials related to their course.
  • Upon completion of training and passing your certification exam, our staffing division works tirelessly to find jobs and placements for our students.
  • We have created a state-of-the-art Mentorship program that allows current graduates to be mentored by former students who have become SME’s in different IT areas. This mentorship program allows new graduates to shadow SME’s to gain valuable knowledge of day-to-day activities in a real-life work environment.
  • Students will have access to their student portal for life. The student portal allows for students to access all recordings of the class they were a part of, it also allows students to communicate with former classmates and share progress

Our Mission

Our Mission to be a top tier Global IT Staffing & Training company.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to create a local and international IT Training & Staffing company that offers opportunities to all persons living in the lower economic classes.

Our Values

  • To build an IT community among the disenfranchised/minority populations
  • Promote the diversification of IT globally
  • Integrity: team members relying on one another
  • Reliability: to deliver a high-quality product in a reasonable time frame
  • Tremendous work ethic; Performance driven culture
  • Dependability: making good on our promise to deliver